Geothermal Developers

Geothermal Developers

Geothermal ORC Power Plant Layout (Source: Turboden)

Selection of the right power plant for a geothermal project is important to get the most out of your resource. Sometimes it is the lowest cost per MWe that matters. At other times spending a little more on system efficiency can be beneficial depending on the cost structure of the project, balance-of-plant costs, and climatic conditions. We understand this, which is why we take a flexible and individual approach to each customer’s situation.

Our geothermal power plant equipment is supplied by Turboden (Italy), an affiliate company of Pratt & Whitney Power Systems (USA). Equipment is based on over 30 years of experience in organic rankine cycle turbines from Turboden, and is based around modular systems that can be customised.

Organic Rankine Cycle systems are the mainstay of our technology, and typically optimise resources in the range of 90 to 200 degrees Celsius. However we are able to work with steam system providers for hotter temperature resources.

The Advantages

Sometimes called "Binary" power plants, organic rankine cycle systems feature many advantages:

  • They are environmentally more acceptable than any other kind of geothermal power plant because the geothermal fluid can be segregated throughout the whole process. In this way the release of gases or other substances to the environment can be prevented, thus virtually eliminating pollution problems;
  • They have a definite thermodynamic advantage, in terms of power production, compared to the conventional flashed steam cycles, for resources at moderate temperatures (up to 150-180 °C).
  • They can be used for electricity generation with low-temperature resources (close to 90-100 °C), which would not be feasible with flash steam.
  • They reduce the problems associated with scaling fluids: carbonate scale can be prevented by installing downwell pumps, while silica scale is minimized avoiding concentration of geothermal fluid caused by flashing.
  • They may be the best technical and economical choice, despite the generally higher unit cost of the installed capacity, thanks to the higher power output and to the reduction of the on-site construction time.

More Information

For more information on services we provide for our geothermal clients, please see our "Services" section, as well as "Products".