ORC Turbines, Steam Turbines, or Steam engines?

ORC turbines

  • The condenser can be used for hot water heat recovery at 80-120 C
  • Over 200 Turboden ORC have been used in biomass cogeneration systems

Back-pressure steam turbines

  • Steam is extracted at a range of pressures (typically 1-10 bar)

Steam engines

  • Steam is extracted at a range of pressures (typically 1-10 bar)

Which fuels?

ORC can be used with heat from any source

  • biomass
  • waste heat
  • solar thermal
  • geothermal

Steam turbines and engines utilise steam from any fuel source.

Advantages of cogeneration

With a cogeneration system in your facility, the following advantages may be achieved:

  • reduced greenhouse gas emissions (since burning natural gas onsite to make electricity and capturing the waste heat will be more efficient than a centralised power station)
  • more certainty over some of your electricity costs
  • additional energy security if a stand-alone systems is employed

PHP Cogeneration Services

PHP supplies:

  • ORC (Turboden)
  • Back-pressure steam turbines (AirClean Technologies)
  • Back-pressure or condensing steam engines (AirClean Technologies)

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